Before you make an online purchase, please read the conditions below: We sincerely hope that you understand well so that there are no misunderstandings between sellers and buyers.

  1. We (Seller) Sell original gps with new condition and complete with standard accessories along with a warranty card that is valid for 3-5 years depending on the type of gps that you buy.
  2. We (seller) provide a 100% money back guarantee if the gps that you buy is not authentic, damaged or does not have an official guarantee. We also provide a guarantee if there is a loss during the delivery process to your address.
  3. The delivery process will take 25-27 working days (Arriving at the address / country of the buyer, If the package is not received within the specified time, then our seller will return the full payment of the buyer without any cost.
  4. He / she (Buyer) does not cancel the transaction without the agreement of the two parties. if the buyer cancels the payment or claims on paypal, we do not deign to help. please resolve the dispute by yourself.
  5. We (Seller) will ship the order within 2 x 24 hours at the longest. and will provide tracking number information to the buyer. If we cannot fulfill the stipulated time, the buyer is invited to dispute.
  6. We (Seller) provide free shipping costs and tax free to new customers / buyers. This fee is not charged to the buyer anymore. we will pay from here.

We hope you can accept the above agreement, please continue to pay if the above information is understood correctly. Thank you